What can you do with binary options

stock-market-quotes1If you are looking for a way of working in the stock market but you are not a financial or stock market expert, there is a way for you to profit without reapplying for college. This new thing called binary options had been around for years now, although you might not have heard of it unless you have friends on the stock market. They certainly know all about it since it is directly competing with them. So, what kind of options can you trade here and what are the peculiarities bound to this way of doing business?

The binary tactic that we see the most is the standard binary “high vs. low” option that allows you betting on the rise or decline in option value. It is what gives binary options the basic form and all of the binary agents will offer this option. However, depending on your broker, you might get more or less of other possibilities for different tactics when investing your money in the binary world. For more information visit Wikipedia.

graph upOne of the alternative binary tactics is the range option, which allows you to make a prediction for a range in which the value of an option will be, rather than the higher or lower state of the classic model. Your range prediction can be more or less conservative, meaning that you can maximize your chances of winning by giving a safe range for the future value of the option or you can go and get into the riskier side of the specter. But, why would you do that?

While the classic “high-low” way of investment is fixed on the two possible outcomes, the interest rate is also fixed only varying from broker to broker, the interest rate with the range binary options is changeable, depending on the prediction you made. This means that, while your moderately safe prediction does give you a great margin of success, the capital increase in case of correct prediction might not be what you were hoping for. Depending on the deal, you can get anywhere between 500% to down to just 50% interest rate in case of success. This model rewards your risky investments very highly, but you do need to be a bit of an expert to succeed in achieving your goal.

The distinct advantage of this system is the flexibility that you will gain from it, enabling you to create your investment routes that didn’t exist before. Also, with the chance of increasing the risk and with it the interest rate, your good way with the market can bring you a lot more money in case your investment shows to be correct. Binary agents that offer this kind of options are always attractive to the investors that have been doing this for a long time or are simply brave enough to try and increase their investment by a significant factor in a single round. If you feel lucky and competent to try it, it might bring you a lot of benefits!