Overview of some of the best binary brokers

Once you decide that you want to get involved with the binary options, choosing your first broker company will be the most important decision you will have to make. This part of the process is crucial, and it is imperative that you know all about your broker before you sign the contract. The first reason for saying this is the fact that there is a lot of false brokers and unregulated companies which will rob you of your money. And the second reason for informing yourself before signing the contract is the fact that there are no two same broker companies out there. Slight differences in provisions, deals and options might mean a lot to you in a long run.

24option-iconDoing business for over five years is certainly making up for something – 24Option is the most wanted broker among the new coming clients, meaning that they are the best-known agent and company on the web. With the huge customer base as a testament to their good practice they are immensely popular and represent one of the greatest binary options brokers in the world. They don’t offer their services in the United States, though, and that is probably the only reason they aren’t definitively the very first broker around. Still, with their maximum of $50k per round, they represent one of the big hitters. As they are specialized in short-term transactions, 24Option is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quick buck.

Banc de Binary
One of the pioneers in the binary business BdB is a fascinating company. Their experience and reliability were proven and witnessed before binary options became a thing they are today and the status they have built through the years is as stable as ever. Modern and secure, new Banc de Binary is the broker of choice for millions of clients worldwide even though they do not do business in the US or Australia. With the minimum deposit of $250, they are not the most humble of brokers, but they allow for round investments of only $1 which give you great flexibility and offers a lot of opportunity for profit.


Porter Finance
Porter-Finance-Official-Logo-kopioPF is one of the newer big broker names in the business, and for only a couple of short years, they have been active they sure are turning a lot of heads. Being new is not stopping them from being attractive to a huge number of new clients flooding to their side daily and with the open market for the US and Europe (excluding Turkey) they take a lot of the market space since most of the big broker names are not doing business inside the US. Deposit necessary for the account activation is $200, and the minimum investment per round is at $5 which puts them in the middle of the chart as far as those factors are concerned.
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